Flower Mound Fire Department
Mayday Training Files
June 17, 2011

On June17, 2011 the Flower Mound Fire Department along with several mutual aid companies responded to a residential structure fire.  During the incident, Captain Wright and Firefighter Trujillo became overrun by fire on the second floor.  The rapidly increasing fire disorientated them and they became lost in the fire room.  After the Mayday was called, Firefighter Trujillo located two small windows on the wall opposite of where the fire had broken through the wall.  Both men made a narrow escape seconds before the room flashed.  

This site was built to host all of the media files and provide a little information on the incident.  It does not tell the entire story.  If you would like to put on a mayday training class for your department and need more information, please do not hesitate to send me an email.  I will help out any way I can.  If your department is in the DFW area and would like for us to come out and deliver the lessons learned presentation, send me an email.  It usually runs about an hour and a half and has been well received.  
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